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This is your open invitation to re-experience Cursillo again, with new eyes and a fresh perspective. Some things have changed, but the essential experience of Cursillo remains the same:

Make a friend.

Be a friend.

Bring your friend to Christ.

The past few years have been lonely. We’ve missed each other. We, our Cursillo community, have missed you. Come and attend a Weekend again, as a candidate. Bring someone new, or your old familiar Cursillo friends, and attend together. Come as a Group Reunion! Reinvigorate yourself in Christ while you bless the community with your vibrancy. The Weekends are coming back, and they’d love to have you! Fill out a candidate form if you’re interested in attending, and we’ll be in contact with you shortly!

The first thing that we ask of you is to rid yourself of any preconceived ideas. Cursillo has changed, but the essence of it; the ‘core’ is the same. The talks, the focus on spreading the Love of Christ through friendship and community, and the opportunity to make those friends and form that community is as it has always been.

We ask for your idealism, your spirit of surrender, and your spirit of love, now as we did on that
first night of Cursillo.

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