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The Grouard-McLennan Cursillo Movement has been operating since 1979 when an outreach from Kelowna got us started. Our purpose is the same as that of the Cursillo - Make a Friend, Be a Friend, Bring a Friend to Christ. We are dedicated to expanding the Kingdom of Christ through evangelizing environments using this Cursillo method. We hold Cursillo weekends in the spring and fall of every year, separate weekends for men and women.

The goal of a Cursillo weekend is that each candidate and team member be renewed in their faith and continue their faith journey after the weekend. Cursillo is a means of supporting and encouraging us in our lives as Christians. Members of the Cursillo community form lifelong friendships by often being part of a smaller Christian Community that meets weekly. The Cursillo has a method for this called Group Reunion, but other methods are also viable (like Bible Study groups, Prayer groups, etc). We also hold monthly gatherings of those who have made a Cursillo (or would like to) called Ultreya. For more information please click on Cursillo Weekends or Group
 or Ultreyas.

What is a Cursillo Weekend?
  • It is a three-day weekend spent in a place of retreat usually starting from Thursday evening until Sunday afternoon. During these three days, those attending live and work together, and engage in talks given by different Cursillo community members. There is much sharing.

  • Learning, praying, sharing, singing, laughing and living together produces an environment where Christ’s presence is felt and available to all for direction and understanding.

  • Strengthens individuals to live out that understanding, supporting one another on our spiritual journey.

  • Presenters will speak on such topics as Piety, Study, Action, and other related subjects. The talks lead to lively discussion in small groups.

  • Cursillo is organized and operated by lay people who are part of the Cursillo community supported by spiritual advisors from the ordained priests.

  • It is experiencing Christianity in action in community.

What is a Cursillo
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