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How is the team for a Cursillo weekend selected?  How can I get on team if I have a desire to serve in that way?

Team members for a Cursillo weekend are prayerfully selected by the Rector or Rectora for that weekend.  They review the information kept on file by the board (including past service on other weekends) regarding every person who has made a Cursillo in our diocese, asking God to guide them in the assignments that they might call individuals to consider for that weekend.  They then make their team calls and sort through the accept and decline responses which eventually leads to a team that most would call "God's Team" because it is very different from the original plan of the Rector or Rectora.

If you are called to serve on a weekend, please consider this call very seriously, even if you don't think the role you are being asked to fulfill is really suited to you, or that you have already worked lots of weekends and it's somebody else's turn.  There is often a very real spiritual reason, sometimes not revealed until or even after the weekend, for a particular person to be in a particular role on a weekend team.  This is the work of the Holy Spirit, so please consider every call from a Rector or Rectora very prayerfully, answering to God with your decision as much as you are answering to the Rector or Rectora.

Remember, when you commit to a Cursillo weekend team, you are committing to ALL the team meetings and the full three and a half days of the weekend including set-up and take-down.  It is not a small commitment, but neither are the blessings with flow from such a commitment, both for candidates and team.

By being active in the Cursillo movement, attending Ultreya, helping with set-up and take-down, etc. you increase your visibility to future Rectors and Rectoras so that they may be reminded by God during their selection prayers to give you a call.  If you are not called and still feel that God can use you on a weekend team, or if you are coming from another Cursillo movement, you can e-mail the Director of Cursillo's and your name will be passed along to the next Rector or Rectora.  It is still the final, prayerful decision of the Rector or Rectora whom they call for team.

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