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Baptismal Font at St. Joseph's Parish in Grande Prairie, AB


Revised: May 15, 2019 at the Annual General Meeting 

Mission Statement

We are a lay-led Catholic Movement, working in the Archdiocese, committed to growing closer to Christ through prayer, study and service. By living the Gospel message, we encourage others to join us in making a positive difference in the world.

  1. The name of the entity is the "Archdiocese of Grouard-McLennan Cursillo Movement".

  2. The objectives of the Movement are:

    1. To offer opportunities for Christians to deepen their faith through the experience of the Cursillo Weekend and the post Cursillo activities; Group Reunion, Ultreya, School of Leaders and active participation in the Christian Community.

    2. To make it possible for groups of people to live a Christian Life and to help them to discover and achieve their personal vocations with respect to that Christian Life.

    3. To exercise, under the authority of the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Grouard-McLennan, responsibility for directing, promoting, and regulating the Cursillo Movement throughout the Archdiocese of Grouard-McLennan.

  3. The operations of the Movement are to be carried out primarily in the Peace River Region of the Province of Alberta.

  4. The activities of the Movement shall be carried out without purpose of any financial or material gain for any member of the Movement, and any profits or other accretions to the Movement shall be managed by the “Directors of the Secretariat” for the sole purpose of promoting the objectives of the Movement.

  5. Any changes to the Constitution can be adopted in principle, but need to have a majority vote at the Annual General Meeting.

  6. The “Directors” refers to Members of the “Secretariat” which is a Lay Committee which conducts the business of the "Archdiocese of Grouard-McLennan Cursillo Movement".

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